Rapidu Premium Review and Test

Nowadays, anyone who wants to store data securely and share it with others has a choice of many different providers who offer the appropriate services. The most popular offers come from file hosters in the cloud. The advantage here is that data can no longer be lost or accidentally deleted. Rapidu is a provider that meets all these requirements. We have examined the offer in detail and formed an opinion.

  • Access to 70+ Premium File Hosters
  • Rapidu Premium included
  • Cheaper rates

What is Rapidu?

Rapidu is a provider of secure and legitimate storage and administration of files and data in the cloud. It operates a file hosting service with a free entry model among a paid premium package with extra features. The premium account offers advantages in file size and up- and download speed rates.

It thus is a service that makes it possible to store and share data. The files are stored in the cloud, i.e. a decentralised network. As a user of the service I remain completely anonymous. The stored data is safely stored in the cloud and cannot be accidentally deleted or lost.


The entire range of services offered by Rapidu is very simple and transparent. You can register for an account, which is free in the basic version. If you choose to upgrade to a premium account, you will receive much more extensive functions and can download and upload files faster and without limits. In addition, there is also a slimmed-down guest account, which you can use to get a first impression and get to know the offer.

Is Rapidu secure and legitimate?

Decisive for the evaluation of security and reliability is, above all, how the personal identity of the users and the security of the files is handled. We have had positive experience with both of these points.

Your own identity is protected and you appear completely anonymous as a user. The deposit of personal data is reduced to a minimum and nothing is requested that is not really needed. Within the network an own ID, a short personal number, is generated. So there are never real names or identities visible and used within the platform.

The data itself is stored on servers in the cloud. This means that the data is always stored redundantly and therefore failsafe. It can therefore be assumed that your own files are protected against loss or theft. You can decide for yourself to what extent the files are to be shared via individual links or in the network itself.

  • Access to 70+ Premium File Hosters
  • Rapidu Premium included
  • Cheaper rates

Accounts and functions of Rapidu

Rapidu is available as a free version or as a premium account, which costs a small fee per month. The range of functions, for example the speeds for uploading or downloading files or the maximum file size, vary depending on which account I choose for myself. We have therefore clearly presented all the variants next to each other and described the differences, so that you can find your way around better and decide on the right product.

Free account

As soon as I want to take advantage of Rapidu’s offer, I will be asked to create a free account. This is very easy and done in a few steps. All I have to do is enter my email address and choose a password. After that I have the status of a guest account and can immediately log in with my data.

A link for approval will then be sent to the e-mail address I entered. If I verify my free account, it will be changed from guest status to a normal free account. I then have the advantage of downloading files even faster than I can as a guest. Apart from that, the conditions are the same as for the guest account.

Few files and low speed: with the free version you have to know that you can download a maximum of one file per hour. This is done in the guest account with a maximum speed of 150 kB/s and in the free account variant after registration with e-mail with 200 kB/s. In our opinion, this is only enough to try out the service and to convince you that the offer suits you and is right for you. The premium variant or our recommendation to go via the multihoster is definitely recommendable.

Rapidu Premium Account

The premium version of Rapidu makes sense from our point of view in any case. Here you have the possibility to upload or download single files in a size of up to 20 GB. The uploaded files are not automatically removed from the platform after 30 days if they are not used or downloaded. The files remain in memory for an unlimited period of time as long as you wish.

You also do not have to wait 60 seconds for a download, as is the case with the free version. Downloads start immediately. There is also no download limit anymore. Here the free version is limited to 1 download per hour. Not necessarily necessary but in any case pleasant is that the premium version is completely free of advertising. So there are no annoying ads displayed.

The most important argument for buying a premium account at Rapidu is probably the speed. There is no more throttling and you can uploads and downloads without limitation. In our personal test, we were also able to download large files of several gigabytes in size at download rates of a good 2.5 Mb/s.

The price for the premium account is:

Rapidu Prices
Packagein Euroin USDin GBP
3 days6,007,055,46
15 days7,999,407,27
30 days10,9912,9210,00
60 days19,9923,5218,19
90 days28,9934,1026,38

You can see all three offers again in direct comparison in this picture:

Rapidu Accounts
  • Access to 70+ Premium File Hosters
  • Rapidu Premium included
  • Cheaper rates

Rapidu Alternative: cheaper with more performance

Rapidu’s service is really very good in terms of data and the whole community. The programme is very popular and accordingly there is almost no way around its use. Rapidu has become a very popular large platform. However, many users report on the internet that there is no good customer support. Often one registers directly with the provider and unfortunately there is no reply to e-mails. Accordingly, premium accounts are not released even though the payment has been made successfully.

In any case, we recommend that you use a comparable multihoster that includes the entire Rapidu network. There are several advantages:

Cheaper in price
If you calculate the costs once and look at it carefully, you pay for example for a multihoster at most the same amount as for the individual service of Rapidu. Often it is even less.

More service
For the same money or often with a small saving you can get access to more than 50 different file hosters.

We have made very good experiences with the provider Linksnappy, which includes the entire premium account access of Rapidu. The monthly price is exactly the same as Rapidu’s fee for a 30-day membership, but for a 90-day membership it is already 10% cheaper. And this with considerably more platforms that can be accessed very comfortably. We would therefore advise everyone to access Rapidu via Linksnappy.

Easy Premium Access
Once you register for the free account, which is also limited in speed and file amount and sizes, simply navigate to Elite Membership and choose your package and click on your favourite payment method. In this picture this is explained once again very simply:

Rapidu Alternative
  • Access to 70+ Premium File Hosters
  • Rapidu Premium included
  • Cheaper rates

Earn money with Rapidu

Affiliate Program

At Rapidu itself there is an affiliate programme through which you can also earn money. Here you can either promote the upgrade from a free account to a paid premium account and earn a commission. Alternatively, you can also earn money from the downloads, where you can make your own files available for download and earn something depending on the number of files downloaded. However, we cannot confirm that the programmes are currently still offered and active. On the internet you can often read that there are no longer any remunerations. Therefore, everyone would have to try this out for themselves.

Reseller Programme

The situation is similar with the programmes for offering memberships as resellers. Here you would buy a package of licenses and offer them for sale on marketplaces like eBay or Allegro. You can offer a small discount to your customers by giving them some of your reduced margin. This can be a good source of income for some sellers.

Rapidu opinions and experiences

Opinions about Rapidu on the internet must be based on two different things. On the one hand, one should evaluate how the offer and the platform as such are received by the users. A second question is then to what extent the customer support and response to e-mails works, especially with regard to paid offers.

With regard to the platform, the data and the programme itself, there are many positive responses. The users are convinced of the service itself and enjoy using the service. The platform is very busy and there is really a large number of offers and files available. It is an established and popular platform.

People are dissatisfied with the response time to e-mails and there are often reports that there is no response to messages at all. Especially those users are disappointed who wanted to buy a premium account directly from the provider and then the login does not work.


Our conclusion is completely simple and clear: the Rapidu offer and platform is great, but we would always create an account not directly with the provider but through a trustworthy multihoster. From our point of view, the risk of being left behind at a later date and not having access to the premium functions would be too great.

We have personally had very good experiences with the service of. Here you can even save costs and, above all, you are not limited to one provider, but can choose between many different service providers, which you can use in parallel. In the final effect it is therefore a cheaper and fair offer anyway. What we particularly like about it is that the entire Rapidu offer is included, so you can enjoy all the advantages of the platform.

  • Access to 70+ Premium File Hosters
  • Rapidu Premium included
  • Cheaper rates